Persa can be applied to many industries and use cases. It can improve the safety for nearly any employee and improve monitoring for individuals who need surveillance. This in return can give you peace of mind. No matter what the incident may be, with Persa's optional call center operators can call the local public service answering point based on the improved situational awareness.

Persa can be put to use anytime as a hand-held, personal security guard. Anyone who can be put in a dangerous situation can utilize Persa. This is especially useful for third-shift employees who use public transportation late at night. Persa can be carried with your mobile employees at all times for peace of mind.
Persa is not just useful for safety purposes, it can also help you monitor your mobile employees by letting you know their exact location at all times. Pera can also be used as a clock in-clock out system to help you have a better idea of what you need to pay employees.
Persa is a great device for in-home workers who tend to work alone. Social workers, realtors, personal trainers, and nannies are prime examples of in-home workers, and these workers face the unknown every time they step in to a new clients home. Persa can act as a security blanket for these individuals by allowing them to send out discreet notifications in the event a dangerous situation arises.
Persa can improves the safety and monitoring of those in the health care industry as well as those who need to be cared for. Clinicians and visiting nurses can wear Persa on a lanyard for easy access in case of a duress situation. Wander risk patients, such as those who live in nursing homes, can wear Persa to allow nurses to monitor their location. If a patient wanders out of the facility by accident, nurses can easily track the patients location with the help of the DMP.
Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Workers can utilize Persa in the event of a variety of common accidents that happen while on the job. Some of which include falls, being stuck between structures, collapsing structures, and electrical accidents.
Professors and students face the unknown on campus and in classrooms every day. With school shootings on the rise Persa is an effective way to send rapid notifications that are discreet. Persa is also useful the event of a developing situation, such as an unruly student, where the instructor needs help from other instructors in the group.